I attended Bonn University where I took classes in Regional and Medieval history, English language and literature, and Scandinavian language and literature. Because I found myself in the situation of having to feed a family after I met and married my partner, I got an education as a bookseller (which is a three year school and practical education) and worked in a lovely old bookshop when I was not raising our two daughters.


I was some sort of solitary heathen until the internet happened and I met Eldaring people for the time in 2003. I have been a member since then, serving in the ER board three times for two years each, and participating in ER events and discussions. I also participated at the IASC in 2012 and 2015. I am now serving in the Eldaring in an advisory capacity with foreign contacts.


I proudly call myself a continental Germanic heathen, and I offer reverently to all of the continental deities, but most often and with all my heart to Frija, beloved goddess of so many tribes under many names, throughout the centuries. Moreover, to the Mothers of my land and my people, the Matronae, who are still present and waiting for those living on the land to come and receive advice and blessings. I offer to the landwights of my ancestral home country whenever I am there, and to those of the place where I live now and which my children call home.


Until we moved to the Stuttgart area in the Svabian south-west of Germany, where our family was completed by our son, and we settled down in a little house at the village fringe. I work in a bookshop selling kid’s books, and when I am home, I look after my kids.