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Cue Gomez
Ásatrú Ibérica. VfGH

Ásatrú Ibérica


I’m 52 years old, living in the south of Germany between the French and Luxembourgian border. After high school moved in 1987 to Spain, worked there in administration and tourist board. In 2013 moved back to Germany and since then working in costumer service. Mother of 2 yet grown up sons.

Active in heathenry since 2008, first with Spanish Gotland Forn Sed group and then in the board of Forn Sidr Ibérica which converted in Ásatrú Ibérica in 2011 and still international spokesman for this association. Member of Fuaran Na Mimir Blotlaug Maresme and Sarre, from 2013 also member of VfGH and since 2017 board member. Working in the redaction of Asatru-eu Herald and VfGH’s Ringhorn.