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The Tribe of Thor Hof (Troth)

The Troth, The Tribe of Thor Hof


Melodi Grundy (aka Sagadis) has been involved in various Pagan groups since the 1980's and was an early member of Harnir in the late 1980's and learned to be a Spa Conna under the leadership of Diana Paxon and others during that time. Since marrying Kveldufr (Stephan Grundy) in 1994, she has primarily focused on Asatru and has degrees in history and anthropology she enjoys looking at the ways culture, craft and worldview influence our religion both in the past and in the present. At University she studied under the late Dr. Shan Winn who was considered one of the leading experts on Shamanic practices of his generations and has continued that interest to this day; especially focusing on those traditions with a European or closely related background. Her "day" job is as a psychic reader ( and in recent years she has had both a radio show podcast (Cats Eye on the Future) and a related blog based on using psychic tools, divination, and observation to attempt to predict the most likely focus of Current Events as well as doing private readings for individuals. She is both a certified clergy person in the Spiral Path and a certified Godperson (clergy) in the Troth (and has been since the 1990's) she has co-written books and articles with her husband Kveldulfr and has made presentations at various Asatru and Pagan Conferences in both the US and Europe. Her hobbies include traditional textile arts (knitting, spinning, weaving etc), traditional cooking, folk music and cat fostering, she currently lives in rural Ireland with her husband, dogs, horse, chickens and many, many cats.