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The Troth, Assemble of the Sacred Wheel, Grail of the Birch Moon Coven,

I am a Friggswoman, mother of 9, and freelance writer, happily married for 35 years, the DE steward for The Troth, and a student in the Clergy and 3rd year student in the Lore programs. I'm also a bonded, founding member of Grail of the Birch Moon in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel tradition in which I will soon be initiated for my 2nd degree. Over the years, I 've have articles and poetry published in newspapers and magazines (including Idunna) ,written two children's books on the Wheel of the Year: Solstice Moon Solstice Sun published through Brigid's Hearth Press in 2011, and a second (Solstice Moonflower Solstice Sunflower) which will be published before Midsummer 2020. I look forward so building frith and serving The Troth and my local community.