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The Troth and Nordisk Tingfællig

The Troth, Nordisk Tingfællig


I am 44 years old, and live near Roskilde in Denmark. I’m a history and geography teacher in Highschool and has a candidate degree (like a 2-year Master’s degree) in these two subjects from Roskilde University. I have always had a connection to norse mythology, but I first started to connect to it as a religion in the late nineties. Currently I am a Gothi, Blotlauget for Roskilde and Omegn, a member of The Troth since 2016 (and part of the Lore program). I joined Nordisk Thingfællig last year.

I have a blog: The Heathen Mythbuster. I try to challenge some archaeological fantasies that seem to be so enticing to some heathens, and I do try to write an article for each number of Idunna, the magazine of The Troth.

My family and I live in a small house out in the countryside. I have a wife, Stine, and two children Sif aged 12 and Ask aged 10. Beside doing many things with my family I’m a scout leader, the founder of the Tolkien Society of Copenhagen and sail Viking long ships when I have the time. I have also been active in party politics and environmental groups.