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Asatru Schweiz

I am 32 years old. I grew up in three countries: the USA, Germany and Switzerland, in that order. I then went to college in the USA, where I helped start a student organization for earth spirituality on campus. I later returned to Switzerland in 2010 to get married. My husband is also a heathen, who follows his native Chinese gods. I am studying Chinese Medicine, which combines well with some shamanic healing techniques, as a means to turn energy healing into a career. In 2014, I stumbled across Asatru, joined Asatru Schweiz and became a practicing heathen rather than just someone who uses shamanistic practices to be of service to the community, who just happens to be sworn to Odin. I have been the secretary since we organized as a Verein in 2015, at which point I began traveling to events in the heathen community, and I am involved in many of our current projects.