Nordisk Tingsfællig; The Troth

Nordisk Tingsfællig; The Troth


Born in Oklahoma USA in 1971. Raised in California where I lived until about the age of 19. From the age of 19 I started a 4 year adventure of traveling Europe and the Middle east before settling down in Denmark in 1994.

I was well into Wicca during my early teenage years but stopped all spiritual journeys when I left the States and didn't really have any connections to anything of the like until just after my 40th birthday, where I discovered Asatru through numerous hours of podcast listening. I would put the time of my “conversion” somewhere around the autumn of 2011 and was convinced after attending IASC in 2012 with some of the most wonderful people ever.

After being a member of Forn Sidr for a few years, I followed the exodus of concerned people and left the group. I have recently joined Nordisk Tingsfællig officially but have had close ties to members for a long time.I am a proud citizen of the island of Zealand and have a huge crush on Gefion. I can sometimes be found hanging around her statue in Copenhagen drinking and leaving offerings.

In my spare time I like to dj 60s rare soul, r&b, reggae and garage music (plus other stuff) as well as being a football (soccer) fan...FC Copenhagen.