Announcing Trothmoot 2020



Hail the Troth! Please join us for Trothmoot 2020

Trothmoot is one of the guiding stars of our organization, and indeed of Inclusive Heathenry as a movement. Through the wonders of modern technology, we have found a way to still gather while honoring the responsibilities of care we have for ourselves and others. Therefore, we would like to invite the Troth to the first ever Virtual Trothmoot.

We will be connecting on Friday afternoon through two Zoom sessions and we will remain connected until Sunday 3:00 pm EDT. Together we will spend time in ritual, workshops, and building our community as we build our friendships. All listed times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Please register to attend so we can ensure we have enough bandwidth. You can order a ticket here. As a gift to the community in this time of disruption and uncertainty, there is no charge to attend. Please do register so that we can share the Zoom passwords with the attendees and portect the event from encroachment by those who will not keep frith.  

If you would like to present a workshop or lead a ritual, please submit a proposal through this site.

If you enjoy music or poetry, please prepare an offering to share either through a Bardic Circle or during the social time gatherings.

If you are a merchant, please share your website information. Everyone knows the conference is remembered through the shiny loot that follows us home.


Those of you who have already registered for the moot will have your registration fees completely refunded please e-mail

We look forward to seeing you in June!



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Ann Sheffield (“Gróa”) has been a practicing Heathen since the 1990’s and is the author of two books, "Frey, God of the World" and "Long Branches: Runes of the Younger Futhark." Gróa has taught at multiple Heathen and Pagan venues including ConVocation, Sirius Rising, and the East Coast Thing. She also presents her academic work at conferences such as the Leeds International Medieval Congress and has taught Anglo-Saxon and Viking-Age history at the collegiate level. Gróa holds an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Literary Studies and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry.


The Troth, Assemble of the Sacred Wheel, Grail of the Birch Moon Coven,

I am a Friggswoman, mother of 9, and freelance writer, happily married for 35 years, the DE steward for The Troth, and a student in the Clergy and 3rd year student in the Lore programs. I'm also a bonded, founding member of Grail of the Birch Moon in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel tradition in which I will soon be initiated for my 2nd degree. Over the years, I 've have articles and poetry published in newspapers and magazines (including Idunna) ,written two children's books on the Wheel of the Year: Solstice Moon


Jan has been the Acting Steer of the Rede since January.


Paul "Gage" Mercurio has been a Pagan for over 25 years and a Heathen for 10. His first Trothmoot was at the 25th anniversary in 2012 and has been a member since, becoming the NYC Area Steward nearly 5 years ago. In NYC, Paul created the NYC Heathens group as a space for Inclusive Heathenry in the NYC Metro area, hosting popular monthly lore chats for 3.5 years! Paul is also one of the founding members of North River Kindred located primarily in Brooklyn, NY. As a devotee of both Tyr and Zisa, he is deeply concerned about fairness, integrity, community building and disassembling systems of


I have been a member of the Troth on and off since 2012. I am currently a full member, having successfully completed the Heathen Essentials exam. I am currently in the Lore Program and hope to join the new Esoteric program when it’s up and running. I have been oathed to Loki for 8 years as a godspouse. For most of that time I’ve also been working with Loki’s gentle bride, Sigyn, who has taught me much about love, duty, compassion, and quiet strength.


"The Lore" and You


What we usually call “the lore” is a bewildering mixture of documents from different times and places, written for multiple audiences and various purposes. How can we approach this material without turning into “Edda-thumpers” on the one hand, or dismissing it all as “written by Christians” on the other? Further, much has been written about these ancient sources in the modern day, but how do you tell the difference between legitimate scholarship and deluded piffle? This workshop will provide you with a framework for assessing ancient and modern sources and for using them critically. (Note

Afternoon Concert with Lynn & Will Rowan


Please join us for a concert given by the very talented Lynn and Will Rowan.

Anti-Racist Action in Heathen Spaces


What does it mean to be inclusive? How do we make our shared spaces not only safe, but actively dedicated to the work of anti-racism? What can we learn from other anti-racist groups, critical race theory, and our own lived experiences? Come and join this peer-led conversation as we talk about measurable steps we can take in our communities and personal practice.

Esoteric Program Info Session


This will be a short info session about the Esoteric Program, which will officially launch its first class at Trothmoot this year. The structure and goals of the program will be discussed, and questions will be answered to the best of the Provost's ability.

Heathen Mystic’s Maze Walking


We will have a labyrinth set up in our secluded backyard, lit with tiki torches and candles, and begin with general calls and prayers, each of us inviting the deities and spirits with whom we want to walk the maze. Background music will be Sequentia’s “Voluspa”. Winifred and Rosten will walk the labyrinth holding candles, joined virtually by all participants as a form of meditation. Suggestions: you might like to hold or wear a token, symbol or figurine of whichever deity or spirit you wish to invite with you to walk the maze, and hold a lit candle or have one nearby. Darkening your

Heathen Soul Lore


Winifred will offer an overview and summary of her approach to Heathen soul lore, drawn from her in-depth published and pending articles. Then we’ll lead into a discussion of what it’s like to experience our souls: how to recognize them and their actions in our lives, how we can consciously work with them and promote their growth, strength, and interactions. We’ll also discuss relationships between souls and the Deities, and the connection between souls and “sense of self”. She will post a “Summary of Soul Lore” sheet on her website,, for those who’d like to prepare in

Sigyn, Goddess of Compassion


Her name means ‘Victory Girl-friend’, but Sigyn is so much more than that. We don’t know a lot about Loki’s wife, but what we do know is unique in the Norse Pantheon. She is most famous for holding the bowl for her husband so that the venom from a snake above them does not drip onto Loki’s face. This singular act is why she is called a goddess of loyalty, endurance, and sacrifice. I believe compassion for her Trickster husband should be added to that list. Is Sigyn the Norse Goddess of Compassion? Do we even need one of those? We will discuss this and how Sigyn’s actions continue to shape

The Giver: A Prosperity Workshop Honoring Gefion


In this time of increased hardship, it is appropriate to call upon Gefion for aid in increasing our prosperity. Gefion (Gefjun), "the Giver" , appears in the Lore more than many goddesses and what becomes clear, is that hardwork, strategy, and determination helped her achieve Her goals.

In this workshop we will examine the Lore around Gefion, examine how her energies and gifts can help us attain prosperity in our lives,and create a prosperity jar which we will energize as we ask her blessings upon our goals in a rite honoring Gefion and our prosperity work.

Needed Supplies

Each person

Trothmoot Annual Meeting


Please join us for The Troth's Annual Meeting and induction of new Rede members.

UPG in Modern Heathenry


The purpose of this discussion is to contextualize UPG within Modern Heathenry and then have some fun in a roundtable discussion about the various UPGs we have discovered. The first half of the workshop will be a discussion about our overall terms:

- Reconstructionist and Eclectic Branches of Neopaganism

- The Role of Syncretism

- Hard Recon vs Living Religion

- Types of Lore

- Types of UPG

The second half of the workshop will a moderated roundtable discussion of our various UPGs. Everyone's UPGs will be recorded in a shared spreadsheet and we will discuss each item as time permits!


A Ritual for Loki

Join us for the Trothmoot 2020 Loki Blot.

Sae, Luke, Bat, and India will lead the ritual.

Closing Ritual

Join us as we return the virtual land and take down the glove until next year.

Iðunn Blót

Iðunn is the patron goddess of the Troth, her apples have brought new life to current modern reinvention of our faith. With waters gathered from everywhere our members might reach, with apples and song, we will join Troth members around the world.

In Idunna’s garden apples grow—
always in fruit and in flower.
Time cannot touch those who their sweetness know;
Blessings and bliss fill her bower.
Lady, but one portion give—
Like the holy gods we’ll live
Protected in peace by your power!

Opening Ritual

We will be opening Trothmoot officially with the virtual land claiming and raising of the glove to set this as a virtual frithstead.

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