Announcing Trothmoot 2019



When and Where:

June 20-23rd, 2019
Camp Hoskins at Fort Flagler Historic State Park, Nordland, WA!

Latest Updates:
2/25/2019: Pre-registration is now open! Secure your place at the moot for $100 per adult. Pre-registration ends June 1st, 2019.

Interested in vending? Purchase a table here.

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The pre-registration pricing for the event applies through May 31, 2019 and goes up to full price on June 1, 2019. All prices include meals, lodging, and all activities. Only select the Adult ticket to start the purchase process. Other tickets will be available when you select it.

Pre-Registered Tickets

  • Pre-Registered Adult $100.00
  • Pre-Registered Youth (3-12) $50.00
  • Youth Under 3 $0.00
  • Day Rate Adult $20.00 ea.
  • Day Rate Youth $10.00 ea.

After May 31st and At the Door Tickets

  • Adult $120
  • Youth (3-12) $60.00
  • Youth Under 3 $0.00
  • Day Rate Adult $20.00 ea.
  • Day Rate Youth $10.00 ea.

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The cabins are set up with single and bunk beds with mattresses but in dormitory-style rooms. They have shared bathrooms. There is limited electrical access.


Hotel Location

Fort Flagler
10541 Flagler Rd
Nordland, WA 98358
United States



Jeremy Baer is a Redesmember of the Troth, a graduate of its Lore Program, and a clergy student. He is publishing a devotional on Thor through the Troth.


Rob Schreiwer founded the InReach program and is The Troth's most recent steer. Rory Bowman has been a coordinator and is the current chaplain liaison. Jo Hunding has over 24 years of experience in corrections and is InReach program coordinator.


Lauren Crow is the Public Relations Director for the Troth. For 10 years, she worked in news and broadcasting in almost every role from on-air talent to overnight technician. Her career then moved into marketing and search engine optimization, where she worked with several Fortune 500 companies in delivering effective targeting marketing. She is the former co-host of Heathen Talk, SHEathenry, and technical director for the Heathen Talk Network. She co-founded Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas in 2003 where she has served as She Who Must Be Obeyed since the founding. In addition to her


Maire Durkan is a Friggswoman, an ordained Troth godperson, the DE steward for The Troth, a member of The Troth's Lore program, and a witch in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel tradition.  She is the author of The Troth's upcoming Circle of Frith: A Devotional to Frigg and Her Handmaidens. Her poetry and articles have appeared in Idunna and other publications.


Cara Freyasdaughter is a devotional polytheist dedicated to Freya, Freyr, and Gerd who works within a reconstructed-ish Heathen tradition. A current member of The Troth and former member of ADF, she previously blogged at Patheos as “Happily Heathen”. Cara is also an administrator and writer at Huginn's Heathen Hof, the creator of Declaration 127. Currently, she leads Heathen and polytheist rituals and classes in northern Illinois. Cara is currently a member of the Ashwood Hearth in Chicago, and was one of the founders of the SF Bay Area group The Vanic Conspiracy.


Laura "Snow" Fuller holds a Masters Degree in Human and Community Resource Development and a Bachelors Degree in Gender Studies from Ohio State University. In her mundane existence, she is the Executive Director for Cornell Cooperative Extension's Western Region, an educator, and a specialist in Organizational and Leadership Development. Laura has been a member of the Troth since 2011. She has served as Michigan Steward (2012-2015), Wisconsin Steward (2015-2017), and Ohio Steward (2016-2018). She is a founding member of North Star Kindred and completed the First Year of the Troth's Lore


The Troth, The Tribe of Thor Hof


Melodi Grundy (aka Sagadis) has been involved in various Pagan groups since the 1980's and was an early member of Harnir in the late 1980's and learned to be a Spa Conna under the leadership of Diana Paxon and others during that time. Since marrying Kveldufr (Stephan Grundy) in 1994, she has primarily focused on Asatru and has degrees in history and anthropology she enjoys looking at the ways culture, craft and worldview influence our religion both in the past and in the present. At University she studied under the late Dr. Shan Winn who was


Robert Lewis is a Senior Priest with ADF and the current webmaster for the Troth.  He has been involved in Neo-Paganism for over 20 years and has been called to the Germanic deities for just as long.  His current interest is to build relationships with the Heathens in Europe and around the world and work towards promoting inclusive Heathenry and stamping out the white supremacy and racism masked as our religion.


Diana L. Paxson has been a member of the Troth since 1992. Diana is a Troth Elder who has served on the High Rede and as Steerswoman and continues to serve the Troth as Coordinator of the Troth Clergy Training Program and editor of our journal, IDUNNA. She leads Hrafnar kindred in Berkeley, California. Diana is also well-known as a teacher and author. Of her many short stories and novels, BRISINGAMEN, THE WODAN’S CHILDREN trilogy, and THE BOOK OF THE SPEAR are of particular interest to Heathens. Her non- fiction books include TAKING UP THE RUNES, TRANCE-PORTATION, THE WAY OF THE



The Troth, Distelfink Sippschaft


Robert L. Schreiwer is a founder of the Heathen denomination of Urglaawe, Ziewer (godsman) of Distelfink Sippschaft, a trained practitioner of the Pennsylvania German healing and magical traditions of Braucherei and Hexerei. Through the Pennsylvania German Heathen Alliance for the Urglaawe and Distelfink Sippschaft, he has been conducting a project to gather oral lore from all regions of Deitsch (Pennsylvania German) settlement. He was an Instructor of Pennsylvania German at Kutztown University in 2008-2009, and he is currently working on other


More a facilitator, in this case. 

Once upon a time I was High Steward of the Troth, and before that, the Steward for Illinois. I've given many presentations on Heathenry, the Runes and other assorted aspects of Heathenry, historical and modern. I was the founder/organizer of IlliniMoot, an annual Heathen camping event held in central Illinois in spring. In addition, I've formed and organized or facilitated regularly occurring events in the Chicago Metro area such as: a monthly drumming circle; a weekly online Lore chat; a monthly open meetup and Eddic Discussion Group, an inter


I have been a member of the Troth on and off since 2012. I am currently a full member, having successfully completed the Heathen Essentials exam. I am currently in the Lore Program and hope to join the new Esoteric program when it’s up and running. I have been oathed to Loki for 8 years as a godspouse. For most of that time I’ve also been working with Loki’s gentle bride, Sigyn, who has taught me much about love, duty, compassion, and quiet strength.


Ben Waggoner writes stuff for the Troth. Some of it's not bad.


Bat Watching with Bats Northwest


Join Christina for a Bat Watch! Bats are everywhere and Fort Flagler is no exception. These fast flying insectivores can be hard to see but with the help of bat detectors that amplify bat feeding calls we’ll be able to see and hear our local bats come out to eat. There will be real bat specimens and a Q&A session.

Casting the Runes


Many of us have been using runes for divination over the years, yet most of us do simple pulls and layouts. Have you ever considered casting them like lots? We will discuss a method to develop a system of casting runes that will work for you. By the end, you should have the confidence needed to take this next step.

Clergy Candidate Oral Examination


The clergy candidates will submit themselves to oral examination. This is a closed session: only involved personnel may attend.

Clergy Meeting


This meeting is open to all current members of the Troth’s Clergy Program, as well as everyone interested in joining.

Heathen History Podcast!


Join us in the theater for a live recording of Lauren’s Heathen History Podcast—and who better to have on than former Steerswoman Diana L. Paxson and new-minted Elder Melodi “Sagadís” Grundy? Hear about the history of the current modern heathen revival from people who made it!

Heathenry & the Media: Shaping the Narrative


How does the media see Heathenry? In this workshop we will explore common tropes and misconceptions presented by both Pagan and mainstream media, and how to effectively work to change them, including a case studies in effective reputation management and the proper care and feeding of your local journalists. This will be a crash course in public relations that can benefit you, your kindred, and any other public service work you do!

Loki’s Wager With The Dwarves (it’s a play!)


Cascadia Freehold will put on a short play, titled Loki’s
Wager With The Dwarves
, dramatizing the story from Gylfaginning wherein Loki, having gotten himself into quite a fix by cutting off Sif’s golden hair, pits two famous families of dwarven smiths against one another to see whose gifts to the gods will win greatest praise! What’s at stake? Why, only Loki’s head, of course!!

Myth Embodiment Workshop: The Þrymskivða


This workshop will focus on the Þrymskviða (aka, How Thor Got His Hammer Back). Myth embodiment is a depth psychology tool that has been used in healing families and communities, but it can also be a powerful tool for gaining a deeper insight into myths. After all, what are myths but stories about the dynamics of the families of the Gods? Through reenacting this myth, we will get an experiential view of the relationships between the different Powers That Be in Norse mythology. This activity is specifically not meant to be scripted, so as to allow space for as many opinions, point of views, and

Skepticism, Doubt, & Faith (and Lack Thereof)


A round table discussion for atheists, doubters, skeptics, cynics and agnostics. It is said that belief is not required for the practice of Heathenry. Not everyone believes, or wants to believe in the gods and other spiritual entities customarily honored in modern Heathen observances. Some people have lots of questions or can’t decide on a regular practice or devotional path. Some are so solitary or unique in their practice that meaningful group ritual is nearly impossible. Others don’t care at all about any of the above, but just like to hang out with other Heathens. There’s room for all of

The Troth’s In-Reach Heathen Prison Services Program


The Troth’s In-Reach Heathen Prison program answers correspondence from prisoners and works with chaplains to provide support for inclusive Heathenry within prisons, mostly in the US. White supremacists have long used Heathen religion as a recruiting and organizing tool within US prisons, and InReach works to counter that with academically rigorous alternatives and support. Come learn a bit about the terrain, the history of the program and how you might help as a volunteer.


Clergy Candidate Showcase

Our Godfolk Candidates will each perform a short blót in
honor of the gods: Thor, the Vanir, and Frigg, respectively. Come support them!

Closing Blót, Taking Down the Glove

Ritual Lead

As the last official act of Trothmoot, we will toast the gods once more and take down the glove.

Devotional to Odin and Loki

This is a possessory rite in honor of Odin and Loki. If you have never attended a rite of this nature held in Hrafnar’s tradition (e.g. at previous Trothmoots), please see Lorrie before attending.

Grand Sumbel

This crowning moment of Trothmoot has been the setting for many stories, some of which you may have heard this weekend from habitual Trothmoot attendees!

This year, the leadership of the Troth turns to a new Steer, who will make their own interpretation of this evolving rite.

Iðunn Blót

Iðunn is the patron goddess of the Troth, her apples have brought new life to current modern reinvention of our faith. With waters gathered from everywhere our members might reach, with apples and song, we will join Troth members around the world.

In Idunna’s garden apples grow—
always in fruit and in flower.
Time cannot touch those who their sweetness know;
Blessings and bliss fill her bower.
Lady, but one portion give—
Like the holy gods we’ll live
Protected in peace by your power!

Land-Taking, Opening Blót, and Raising of the Glove

Ritual Lead

Trothmoot cannot begin without the Raising of the Glove, a traditional declaration that the event is being held within a frithstead. After this short ceremony and a blót to Holle, there will be a brief walk around the grounds to introduce ourselves to the land with which we will be sharing the weekend.

Loki Blót!

For the first time in many years, a Loki Blót will not only be held, not only be scheduled, but actually be in the program.

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