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It is time once again to come together and celebrate our community. This time CAMP ROUND MEADOW, Maryland will be our hosts as we bring together heathens to celebrate, learn, honor our gods, wights and ancestors, and build a little community. We will spend time in rituals, workshops, lots of time to build connections and deepen friendships, and the Annual Meeting of the Troth. All of this will be fueled by food from Tanya Peterson's skilled hands.

It is time for the Heathens to get to experience the magic of Trothmoot. Facilities will group camping cabins, with dining hall, theater, and workshop spaces. Early registration at reduced rates is available until April 30th.

The site will open on Thursday, June 7, at 3:00 PM. We will need to be offsite after cleaning up after ourselves promptly by noon Sunday, June 10. In between, there will be lots to do.


Campsite website is:…

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The early bird pricing for the event applies through April 30, 2018 and goes up to full price on May 1, 2018. All prices include meals. Only select the Early Bird Adult or Regular Adult ticket. Other family tickets will be available when you select it.

Early Bird Tickets

  • Early Bird Adult $160.00
  • Early Bird Young Adult (11-18) $120.00
  • Early Bird Child (7-10) $75.00
  • Child (4-6) $10.00
  • Infants (0-4) $0.00
  • Day Rate Adult $50.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)
  • Day Rate Youth $30.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)
  • Day Rate Child $15.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)
  • Day Rate Child under 7 $0.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)

Regular Tickets

  • Regular Adult $190
  • Regular Young Adult (11-18) $130.00
  • Regular Child (7-10) $85.00
  • Child (4-6) $10.00
  • Infants (0-4) $0.00
  • Day Rate Adult $50.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)
  • Day Rate Youth $30.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)
  • Day Rate Child $15.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)
  • Day Rate Child under 7 $0.00 ea. (2 day max, no overnight)

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Hotel Location

14840 Manahan Road
Sabillasville, MD 21780
United States



The Troth, Distelfink Sippschaft


Robert L. Schreiwer is a founder of the Heathen denomination of Urglaawe, Ziewer (godsman) of Distelfink Sippschaft, a trained practitioner of the Pennsylvania German healing and magical traditions of Braucherei and Hexerei. Through the Pennsylvania German Heathen Alliance for the Urglaawe and Distelfink Sippschaft, he has been conducting a project to gather oral lore from all regions of Deitsch (Pennsylvania German) settlement. He was an Instructor of Pennsylvania German at Kutztown University in 2008-2009, and he is currently working on other


Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Resolution


So you’ve heard of “Active Listening” but it sounds impractical? Good communication is more than just nodding at the right time. There is a certain amount of engagement and “lowering the energy in the emotional capacitor”. We will discuss the underpinnings of good communication and, hopefully, learn some new tricks. With some in-lesson practice, we will try some practical tips on reducing interpersonal conflict.

Kindred Explosions


Forming a kindred can be easy, keeping it hard. Lisa will discuss things that you can do to help keep your group together, and find people in your local community. Don’t think you are qualified to lead a group? That’s ok, there’s a way to do that too. She will also discuss TKP program membership and how it has helped her kindred to get support from The Troth.

Meet the Ombuds! (What’s an Ombuds?)


In this workshop, I will introduce myself and my office, explain the process and expectations of the office and take questions from the group.

Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic


Examines three core approaches to our religious practice, from the philosophical to the mystical. We will explore different approaches to a spiritual practice, including its advantages and disadvantages. We will also explore transitioning from one approach to another.

Vision Session


The Troth is currently 31 years old. Organizations have a life cycle, much like any other organism on the planet, and the Troth is currently midlife. This session is a discussion about our future as an organization: where is the Troth and where is it going? What are our goals for the Troth in the next five, ten, and twenty years? What do we want our future to hold? What are the priorities of our members? Lend your voice to forging an effective strategy to carry us into the next generation as we reach maturity and reinvent our organization for the future.


Grand Sumbel

This crowning moment of Trothmoot has been the setting for many stories, some of which you may have heard this weekend from habitual Trothmoot attendees!

We will be reinstating the three round form, with one round for the gods, one for ancestors and heroes, and one open round.

Iðunn Blót

Iðunn is the patron goddess of the Troth, her apples have brought new life to current modern reinvention of our faith. With waters gathered from everywhere our members might reach, with apples and song, we will join Troth members around the world.

In Idunna’s garden apples grow—
always in fruit and in flower.
Time cannot touch those who their sweetness know;
Blessings and bliss fill her bower.
Lady, but one portion give—
Like the holy gods we’ll live
Protected in peace by your power!

Observance of the Desecrated Shrines

Ritual Lead

While June 5 (the Christian St. Boniface Day) is the actual observance, Trothmoot is near enough. I plan to read a bit about Boniface’s loathsome desecration of Heathen gods’ shrines and the Thor’s Oak. In addition to Dunner/Thor, we will hail Stuffo, Jecha, and Lohra.

Opening Blót, Land-Taking Hike, and Raising of the Glove

Trothmoot cannot begin without the Raising of the Glove, a traditional declaration that the event is being held within a frithstead. After this short ceremony, there will be a brief walk around the grounds to introduce ourselves to the land with which we will be sharing the weekend.

Oracular Seiðr

After almost twenty years of this rite’s performance at heathen events, Hrafnar Spae (also known as seiðr) is a tradition in its own right.

Participants are invited to bring any question they have found difficult to answer by ordinary means. All attendees will be asked to go on a brief guided meditation.

Becky Sheehan, Laurel Mendes, Diana L. Paxson, and Friends

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