Recreation Hall

Skepticism, Doubt, & Faith (and Lack Thereof)

A round table discussion for atheists, doubters, skeptics, cynics and agnostics. It is said that belief is not required for the practice of Heathenry. Not everyone believes, or wants to believe in the gods and other spiritual entities customarily honored in modern Heathen observances. Some people have lots of questions or can’t decide on a regular practice or devotional path. Some are so solitary or unique in their practice that meaningful group ritual is nearly impossible. Others don’t care at all about any of the above, but just like to hang out with other Heathens.

Casting the Runes

Many of us have been using runes for divination over the years, yet most of us do simple pulls and layouts. Have you ever considered casting them like lots? We will discuss a method to develop a system of casting runes that will work for you. By the end, you should have the confidence needed to take this next step.