The Troth’s In-Reach Heathen Prison Services Program

The Troth’s In-Reach Heathen Prison program answers correspondence from prisoners and works with chaplains to provide support for inclusive Heathenry within prisons, mostly in the US. White supremacists have long used Heathen religion as a recruiting and organizing tool within US prisons, and InReach works to counter that with academically rigorous alternatives and support. Come learn a bit about the terrain, the history of the program and how you might help as a volunteer.

Loki’s Wager With The Dwarves (it’s a play!)

Cascadia Freehold will put on a short play, titled Loki’s
Wager With The Dwarves
, dramatizing the story from Gylfaginning wherein Loki, having gotten himself into quite a fix by cutting off Sif’s golden hair, pits two famous families of dwarven smiths against one another to see whose gifts to the gods will win greatest praise! What’s at stake? Why, only Loki’s head, of course!!

Heathen History Podcast!

Join us in the theater for a live recording of Lauren’s Heathen History Podcast—and who better to have on than former Steerswoman Diana L. Paxson and new-minted Elder Melodi “Sagadís” Grundy? Hear about the history of the current modern heathen revival from people who made it!

Heathenry & the Media: Shaping the Narrative

How does the media see Heathenry? In this workshop we will explore common tropes and misconceptions presented by both Pagan and mainstream media, and how to effectively work to change them, including a case studies in effective reputation management and the proper care and feeding of your local journalists. This will be a crash course in public relations that can benefit you, your kindred, and any other public service work you do!

Myth Embodiment Workshop: The Þrymskivða

This workshop will focus on the Þrymskviða (aka, How Thor Got His Hammer Back). Myth embodiment is a depth psychology tool that has been used in healing families and communities, but it can also be a powerful tool for gaining a deeper insight into myths. After all, what are myths but stories about the dynamics of the families of the Gods? Through reenacting this myth, we will get an experiential view of the relationships between the different Powers That Be in Norse mythology.