Oracular Seiðr

After almost twenty years of this rite’s performance at heathen events, Hrafnar Spae (also known as seiðr) is a tradition in its own right.

Participants are invited to bring any question they have found difficult to answer by ordinary means. All attendees will be asked to go on a brief guided meditation.

Becky Sheehan, Laurel Mendes, Diana L. Paxson, and Friends

Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Resolution

So you’ve heard of “Active Listening” but it sounds impractical? Good communication is more than just nodding at the right time. There is a certain amount of engagement and “lowering the energy in the emotional capacitor”. We will discuss the underpinnings of good communication and, hopefully, learn some new tricks. With some in-lesson practice, we will try some practical tips on reducing interpersonal conflict.

Kindred Explosions

Forming a kindred can be easy, keeping it hard. Lisa will discuss things that you can do to help keep your group together, and find people in your local community. Don’t think you are qualified to lead a group? That’s ok, there’s a way to do that too. She will also discuss TKP program membership and how it has helped her kindred to get support from The Troth.

Vision Session

The Troth is currently 31 years old. Organizations have a life cycle, much like any other organism on the planet, and the Troth is currently midlife. This session is a discussion about our future as an organization: where is the Troth and where is it going? What are our goals for the Troth in the next five, ten, and twenty years? What do we want our future to hold? What are the priorities of our members? Lend your voice to forging an effective strategy to carry us into the next generation as we reach maturity and reinvent our organization for the future.