Fire Circle

Heathen Mystic’s Maze Walking

We will have a labyrinth set up in our secluded backyard, lit with tiki torches and candles, and begin with general calls and prayers, each of us inviting the deities and spirits with whom we want to walk the maze. Background music will be Sequentia’s “Voluspa”. Winifred and Rosten will walk the labyrinth holding candles, joined virtually by all participants as a form of meditation. Suggestions: you might like to hold or wear a token, symbol or figurine of whichever deity or spirit you wish to invite with you to walk the maze, and hold a lit candle or have one nearby.

Iðunn Blót

IDUNN (or in common English, Idunna) is the goddess whose apples keep the gods young. Since the early days of the Troth we have hailed her as a goddess of renewal whose energy revitalizes our faith. In this ritual, somewhat adjusted for use in cybergard, we will honor the earth, our ancestors, Idunn herself and our heathen community.  If you can, provide yourself with some apple juice, cider or mead with which to drink to the goddess, and an apple with which to receive her blessing.

Iðunn Blót

Iðunn is the patron goddess of the Troth, her apples have brought new life to current modern reinvention of our faith. With waters gathered from everywhere our members might reach, with apples and song, we will join Troth members around the world.

In Idunna’s garden apples grow—
always in fruit and in flower.
Time cannot touch those who their sweetness know;
Blessings and bliss fill her bower.
Lady, but one portion give—
Like the holy gods we’ll live
Protected in peace by your power!