Smoking/Vaping/Cannabis Policy

The Rede has created the following policy governing the use of smoking and vaping products at Troth-sponsored events, including Trothmoot and Frith Forge. Attendees and participants will be required to abide by this policy at all Troth-sponsored events .

In an effort to balance the rights of consenting adults to smoke or vape tobacco and cannabis with the health needs and sensitivities of others, The Troth will provide reasonable accommodations for smoking and vaping in designated areas at Troth-sponsored events.

This policy does not in any way restrict or prohibit the use of edible cannabis products (except where prohibited by local laws): it only covers smoking and vaping.

Designated Smoking Areas:

All use of nicotine/tobacco, vaping, and (where legal) smoking cannabis products must take place within designated smoking areas. The smoking areas must be placed reasonably far enough away from dormitory areas, kitchen facilities, ritual and workshop locations, and other areas of frequent congregation so that fumes and vapors cannot foreseeably intrude upon those areas. To accommodate those with chronic pain or locomotive disabilities, an effort will be made to locate smoking area(s) in a location that is accessible to them. Areas that may not meet the needs of people with disabilities may be pointed out to the event organizer for review.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use:

Troth-sponsored events will allow cannabis products only in areas with laws that permit medical or recreational cannabis. When possible, locations for organization-wide events, such as Trothmoot, will be chosen within jurisdictions and venues that allow medical cannabis.

Altered States and Rituals:

The Troth does not dictate how to achieve communion with the divine, nor does it require the use of alcohol or other mind-altering substances to achieve a certain state at ritual, seidh, esoteric, or other rites. Alcohol provided at Troth-sponsored rites is as an offering, and alternate non-alcoholic options are also made available. Smoking and vaping are not permitted outside of designated smoking areas. Smokin