Sigyn, Goddess of Compassion


Her name means ‘Victory Girl-friend’, but Sigyn is so much more than that. We don’t know a lot about Loki’s wife, but what we do know is unique in the Norse Pantheon. She is most famous for holding the bowl for her husband so that the venom from a snake above them does not drip onto Loki’s face. This singular act is why she is called a goddess of loyalty, endurance, and sacrifice. I believe compassion for her Trickster husband should be added to that list. Is Sigyn the Norse Goddess of Compassion? Do we even need one of those? We will discuss this and how Sigyn’s actions continue to shape modern Lokean worship. This workshop will consist of 3 parts. Part I: Sigyn and the Lore; Part II: Compassion in the Heathen Worldview; and, Part III: A guided meditation. We will close with a simple offering to Sigyn and Loki.