Nȳ siðr – not forn siðr


This talk is based on the book Sterbendes Heidentum (Dying heathenry) by Bernhard Streck, a German ethnologist– “Dying heathenry”, not available in English as far as I know.

For Streck, heathenry is polytheism – and nothing else. He calls it nothing less than the first "world religion”. Based on his research he extracts the common principles of polytheism around the globe and throughout the ages.

Starting from this I want to emphasize that it might make more sense to look for inspiration in other polytheistic cultures that still exist or haven’t ceased as ancient Germanic or Norse polytheism have done. Why not learn from others that have “survived” Christianization or have not even been touched by it? We have more in common with them as we have with the mono-theistically flavored societies we live in today.