Nordisk Tingsfællig


Nordisk Tingsfællig  organization presentation by Todd Chambers

Nordisk Tingsfællig was founded in 2010 by a few individuals believing that there was a need for an alternative to the larger Danish organisation, Forn Siðr. In general NTF tends to be more of a reconstructionist organisation, but not strictly so. We are a diverse group of individuals spread over Denmark with a reverence of the pre-Christian beliefs of the Nordic people in common.

The main purpose of the Nordic Tingsfællig is To support the cult of the pre-Christian Nordic mythological entities, Regin, for people who believe in and worship them, in Denmark. To acquire land in Denmark for creating cult places for the worship of Regin. To act as a religious service organisation to members, by within the framework of ‘NTF’ supporting their religious needs to the extent they may wish, including assistance with, guidance and or performance of, relevant religious and family rituals.