Latin American Heathenry: Spiritual and social differences, approaches towards diversity and solutions.


Latin America is a region where Heathenry has gained an impressive amount of popularity in recent years, but Latin Americans face many problems attempting to engage the practice, such as language barriers, weather differences, bigotry and availability for outdoor ritual spaces. In this presentation we will cover how Latin Americans practice Heathenry in an ethnically diverse but mostly conservative society.


 Latin American Heathery differences

1. How it came to be 2.Organizational differences 3. Ritualistic differences

Costa Rica’s heathenry:

1. How we adapt to our weather 2. National difficulties

o   Language barriers. o   Racism & Homophobia. o   The impact of hypermasculinity and sexism. o   Achieving Diversity. o   Spaces for ritualistic purposes. o   Government support.

Solutions: 1. International relationships. 2. Availability and spreading of information.