How might The Troth best support inclusive Heathens in the Asia-Pacific region?


Robert Schreiwer, Steer of The Troth, will lead a discussion group regarding “How may The Troth, as the oldest inclusive Heathen organization best serve Inclusive Heathens in the Asia-Pacific region”. Amanda Leigh-Hawkins, The Troth’s International Relations and Exchange Program (IREP) Coordinator will also be present to help answer questions and offer support.

We want to better understand the state of Heathenry in the region. The Christchurch massacre shocked a great many Heathens, and it's important that inclusive Heathens understand what is going on globally, even while mostly acting locally. Thus, if you attending Frith Forge 2020 (videoconferencing), the plan for this discussion between The Troth Steer and the good Heathens of the Asia-Pacific (really, anyone from anywhere who is registered as a participant in Frith Forge is welcomed to attend, as the discussion can be expanded cover other regions) is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 15, at 20:00 (8:00 PM) Eastern US. 

Here are things I'd like participants to consider:

- What is generally going well in Heathenry in your region?

- What are some of the challenges inclusive Heathens face in your region?

- What can The Troth do to help build your communities?

- How can The Troth build a stronger presence in your region?

- I'll take other questions and ideas during the course of the discussion.