The Giver: A Prosperity Workshop Honoring Gefion


In this time of increased hardship, it is appropriate to call upon Gefion for aid in increasing our prosperity. Gefion (Gefjun), "the Giver" , appears in the Lore more than many goddesses and what becomes clear, is that hardwork, strategy, and determination helped her achieve Her goals.
In this workshop we will examine the Lore around Gefion, examine how her energies and gifts can help us attain prosperity in our lives,and create a prosperity jar which we will energize as we ask her blessings upon our goals in a rite honoring Gefion and our prosperity work.

Needed Supplies
Each person should have a clean jar with a lid,some dried herbs(like mint) and small personal items they associate with prosperity, a dollar or a voided check, some change, a marker (for inscribing the jar), pen and notepad or note paper.