There is a recurring lament that Continental Heathenry is lacking genuine historical, written and archeological sources, especially about the goddess who is called Frea or Frija. Our sources are few and not as obvious as the sources we have, for example, on Frigg from Old Norse literature. On the other hand, we do not have to do without them. In my presentation, I will give a short review of the sources we have on Frija, and will also take a look on goddesses with other names, as famous as Nerthus and as obscure as Sunuxsal, who we can find throughout all the German regions, and talk about how they might be related to Frija. We will cover terms like terra mater as well as the spinning motif, and look at the Germanic Diana of the Opfermoor Oberdorla, and the Fürstenberg bracteates, but we will also talk about the rise of the cult of Wodan, as that had consequences for the cult of other deities. The presentation is mostly based on current scholarly theories, but will hopefully inspire you to look at Frija, and maybe also at her sisters in the North, from a different angle. I would very much like to close the presentation with a beautiful chant which was created by an Eldaring member for a workshop surrounding Frija at the Eldaring Ostara meeting 2016.