Forn Sed Sweden


Forn Sed Sweden organization presentation by Per Lundberg

The organisation Forn Sed Sweden(FSS) was founded in 1994, under the name Swedish Asatro Assembly. (Our new name was ratified in the annual allthing in spring 2010.) Since 2007 are we a registered religious organisation in Sweden.

The FSS aim to make Forn Sed a living spiritual alternative for people in current society. Our purpose is not to recreate an ancient religion the way it might have been a 1000 years ago and we are not engaged in historic theatre. We live in Forn Sed today and continue to develop forn sed as a spiritual expression adapted to current society. This is done through blot and other types of ceremonies, by releasing books and other printed materials, and by creating common meeting places for people with an interest in nature spirituality.

The organisation has about 450 members and of those 15 lives in other countries.

​ Majority of the members live in the areas around Gothenburg and Stockholm.