Balancing on the Rainbow Bridge: How do we reconcile ethnic pride, inclusive ideals, and Heathen tradition?


People may be drawn to Heathen faith for many reasons. Some like Heathen values, others are called by one or another of our goddesses or gods. But for many, the fact that this was the religion of one’s ancestors has a major appeal. This can be a problem when one also believes that our religion should be open to anyone, of whatever background, who feels its call. Unfortunately, for some, ancestry is the primary reason for being Heathen, and pride can all too easily lead to a belief in superiority.

How can we reconcile inclusion with ethnic pride? Can we find guidance in a deeper exploration of what ethnicity means?  Nobody ever said that being Heathen was easy, but I hope that as we discuss these issues, we can help each other find the path to Bifrost.