Accessibility and Accommodations

Raven’s Knoll is a campground, but is surprisingly accessible for those with mobility issues. The site is very flat with numerous paths and roads that are wheelchair accessible, areas of groomed forest, a shallow sand beach on the river, as well as a wheelchair accessible toilet facility (porta-potty) and various levels of accessible accommodation options. There are Wheelchair accessible tents. The hostel-type shared cabin and some of the trailers are "semi-accessible". We have also reserved a few nearby hotel rooms at The Sands on Golden Lake on the parking lot level that are also "semi-accessible". See the lodging details for additional information. Electricity and CPAP rentals can be paid for on site. Also, a non-alcoholic libation will be available at each ritual. 

Access to some locations that are not easily accessible by wheelchairs or scooters, or because of other mobility issues, can be facilitated with the use of our golf carts. If you have any questions or concerns regarding particular aspects of accessibility or chemical/fragrance sensitivity concerns please contact and please allow a few days for a response.