Announcing Frith Forge 2020



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An international conference among inclusive Asatru/Heathen organizations and individuals!

Frith Forge is the space and time on an international level to build alliances, understanding, and friendships among us instead of compartmentalizing further in an industrialized world. Let's learn from each other with respect and fellowship to forge frith among us. Together we can enjoy this opportunity to discuss inclusion in religion and to promote cultural, religious, and educational exchange.

Each organization that will be represented at this conference will have featured presentation time. All attendees are invited to submit paper summaries of presentations they would like to give to We encourage vendors/organizations to set up a table. There will be time for lectures, group discussion, workshops, ritual, and more!

Early arrivals may join us for unstructured meet and greet time starting August 15th at 7pm. The conference will officially start at 8:30am on August 16th, and end by 11am on August  20th.



Hotel Location

Ravens Knoll
10441 Highway 60
Eganville ON K0J 1T0


We are looking for presenters. If you would like to present, please Suggest One!


We are looking for sessions. If you would like to present, please Suggest One!


We are looking for rituals. If you would like to present, please Suggest One!

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