Announcing Trothmoot 2020




Hail the Troth!


With profound regret, we must announce that, after consultation with organizers past and present, the Rede, and Troth Elders, Trothmoot physically will not happen this year. As with many other event cancellations in recent weeks, this, too, is in response to the global pandemic.


Trothmoot is one of the guiding stars of our organization, and indeed of Inclusive Heathenry as a movement. And yet, even as the Hávamál counsels, it would be profoundly unwise of us to gather our people while a real danger awaits us outside our own halls, a danger that would only be magnified if we traveled to a far one.


Of course, with the shelter-in-place, lockdown, and other restrictive orders, many of us are finally learning how to use our phones to take video and broadcast live events! Therefore, we would like to invite the Troth to the first ever Virtual Trothmoot. Much like a physical Trothmoot, we intend to have presentations—and unfortunately we will still have to have meetings. Several methods for online conferencing are being pursued by folks within the Troth, and while those plans are still in flux, we hope to have more to announce in this vein in the weeks ahead for folks who are on our e-mail lists and/or Facebook group.


Those of you who have already registered for the moot will have your registration fees completely refunded. If you would, instead, like to have that registration donated to the Troth in order to defray our cancellation costs, please e-mail and let us know.


To your good health!


Please join us in lovely western Tennessee for Trothmoot 2020. Together we will spend time in ritual, workshops, and building our community as we build our friendships. 

When and Where:

June 18-21, 2020
Piersol Group Camp, Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, Millington, TN

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The pre-registration pricing for the event applies through May 31, 2020 and goes up to full price on June 1, 209. All prices include meals, lodging, and all activities. 

Pre-Registered Tickets

  • Pre-Registered Adult $100.00
  • Pre-Registered Youth (3-12) $50.00
  • Youth Under 3 $0.00
  • Day Rate Adult $20.00 ea.(maximum 2 days)
  • Day Rate Youth $10.00 ea.(maximum 2 days)

After May 31st and At the Door Tickets

  • Adult $120
  • Youth (3-12) $60.00
  • Youth Under 3 $0.00
  • Day Rate Adult $20.00 ea.(maximum 2 days)
  • Day Rate Youth $10.00 ea.(maximum 2 days)

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The cabins are all equipped with electricity with a mix of bunk and single beds. The site is fully accessible. 

Interested in vending? Purchase a table here.

Want to offer a workshop? Propose one here!


Notice On Corona Virus Concerns:

The Rede and the Trothmoot Organizers value the health and safety of our attendees and strive to offer a safe, inclusive space for learning and connecting. We are closely observing the evolving information regarding Corona virus and will continue to make plans to support the safety of our community.



Hotel Location

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park
910 Riddick Road
Millington, TN 38053
United States


We are looking for presenters. If you would like to present, please Suggest One!


We are looking for sessions. If you would like to present, please Suggest One!


We are looking for rituals. If you would like to present, please Suggest One!

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